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Innocent Venus + Jin/Jo/Jin (Ginger Gin) Comm
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An Innocent Venus and Jin/Jo/Jin Community

This a community made for any and most things related to Innocent Venus. Even though the focus is the relationship between Jin/Jo (or Jo/Jin, it doesn't matter), all other content (such as other pairings, or even just announcements for things related to the series) is welcome too. Discussions, fanmade content, and so on are allowed.

o1. Content must be related to Innocent Venus. Please do not spam the community with news that your dog learned how to do a backflip or the likes of such information.

o2. No trolling, flaming, and so on. If you have a conflict you need to solve with someone, do it privately via email or anything else-- just not in the community.

o3. All ratings are allowed, but must have warnings. Make sure it's very obvious and that people see it before they see the content. So label your bondage-filled smutty pwp just as clearly as you label your fluffy drabbles.

o4. LJ-cut all fanmade content, please. The only exception are icons. You can put a few preview icons outside of the cut, but put the rest inside the cut.

o5. LJ-cut spoilers, too! Also warn very clearly about spoilers, or else you'll ruin someone's experience.

o6. Since this community is an Innocent Venus community AND a slash community, please respect other people's opinions. Let's try to maintain a friendly atmosphere, yes?

Rules are subject to change, either for clarity or other reasons. New rules may be added. Anyone in violation of the rules will get a warning. A serious offense will be met with a ban.

Questions will be added if they must be constantly reanswered.

The layout and userinfo look weird! What's going on?
They're both still under construction as I tweak them. Just hold on.

What's on topic for this community?
Anything related to Innocent Venus. Just don't cheat by throwing a little "Yay I love Innocent Venus" to the bottom of your entry about getting a third filling. That kind of stuff will be deleted.

Really? ALL ratings and ANY content? Hmmmmm!
Yes, really. Just... try to be tasteful. We have this rule so that we won't limit anyone's creativity, but... really.

Why is this place called "Ginger Gin Love"?
Well, at first I was going to create a Jin/Jo/Jin community-- JUST Jin/Jo/Jin. And "Jin/Jo/Jin" sounds like Ginger Gin.

Then why is this place not just for "Ginger Gin," then? Why ALL of Innocent Venus?
I realized later that there were no Innocent Venus communities on LJ, and decided that it would be best to just create an Innocent Venus community with a light focus on "Ginger Gin." Also, it might become incredibly boring if it was just those two. :)

Why all the rules?

Can I advertise my community/rp/icon challenge/etc things here?
Sure, as long as it relates to Innocent Venus.

Who runs this community?
I do! I'm Beebite.

I see a mistake here... is it okay if I notify you of it?
Sure, I guess. Just drop a line on my journal. This journal was specifically made to take care of this community.

I don't like this person! Can you ban him for me?
Unless the perosn is bothering everyone else... no. I can't kick people out based on personal preference.

Links & Buttons
Feel free to submit your own links and buttons! We'll put them on here with credit to you. Just drop a line on bitemebiteyou.

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