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The Japanese DVD Covers

*dusts off cobwebs, heh*

seems like nobody's reported about them yet. well, thought i'd compile it here for you all to see and check out. even though i'm sure the price the Japanese had to pay to own the dvds was a bit more than what the rest of the world had to for the English versions (because the # of volumes for the Japanese version was 6, English had 3 only i think), you can't help but appreciate the extra official art put into it now that this series is over.

DVD 1 - Jo and Doberman

DVD 2 - Jin and Siamese Cat

DVD 3 - Sana and Bird (Pigeon?)

DVD 4 - Renée and Panther

DVD 5 - Hulk Drake and Lion

DVD 6 - Toraji and White Stallion

it's kind of curious how it's not just any general animal depiction, but of a particular family within it as well. give credit to the US Version, here's new art from their dvd covers (the third and last one)

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