Inhabitant of Oneiros (scryren) wrote in ginger_gin_love,
Inhabitant of Oneiros

Newtype Aug 2007 Scans

Lurker brings goodies ^_^

I almost didn't do the full version of the poster because each section scanned in a different color, but when I added the soft light layer it got so dark you can barely tell ^___^ I also tried to fix Sana's hair. I don't know what happened to it but if you have the magazine you know what I'm talking about >.>;; I haven't seen a large version of the cover so I scanned/cropped part of the advertisement too.

Thanks to pr0t0manblues for news about the poster. ^__^ *edit* Whoops, I meant Newtype, not Animage. >.>;;
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Ooh~ thank you so, so much for your trouble! :D (And great quality scans, too~ *sparkles at*) That one with Jo with his gun has got to be my personal favourite... xD; /biased <3
You're welcome ^__^ That's my favorite one too >3
Thank you for scanning~~~~ ;o;

Jo looks rad with that gun, and Jin looks so cute in the 2nd to last scan....
You're welcome (OT: your Hei icon is yummy)
thanks a ton, you rock!
If it wasn't for your post I wouldn't have know about it XD
Thank you very much!
These are beautiful!
Wow, these are great! I need to get myself some Innocent Venus merchandise, just for the heck of it. We love you Jo! You, too, Jin (even if you are a little crazy). Oce again, nice job! ^^
haha! nice crop for the 2nd pic XD
Oh, thank you very much for these!
Oh, beautiful and high quality scans *v* I love you >w